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Click and drag to draw boxes over transits
In planet hunters we ask you to mark these features any time you see them on a star
These are gaps that you should ignore
These are gaps that you should ignore
Days from beginning of the quarter

We find new planets by looking at how the brightness of a star changes over time

As the planet passes in front of the star we see a dip in the light from it. Depending on how far the planet is from the star, you may see one or many dips in the lightcurve

Can you spot the transits?

Click the plus button and drag the box to mark them or just draw a box over the points

Did you spot them?

These are the locations of the transits

Don't worry if you missed them, transit hunting is hard and requires practice!



These sections are gaps in the data where the telescope was switched off. These are not transits and you don't need to mark them.


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Now you know what you're looking for let's jump in to some real data

Good luck!

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